About Us

Icegator Innovations is family owned and operated. We are the only ice auger company to deal strictly in electric ice augers. This allows our company to focus on all the most recent battery technology the world has to offer. We are the only company offering a 24 volt electric ice auger drive with the worlds best Li-Ion battery pack, focusing on high speed that is simply unmatched by any other gas or electric ice auger drive.

Our goal is to serve our customers with the same respect and attention that we want. Our customers are a very big part of Icegator Innovations existence. We want our customers to feel free to call us at anytime to let us know about their experience with our product. We are working hard everyday to make this product more affordable to our customers while maintaining the highest quality available with today’s technology. We have done extensive research to see what the needs of our customers are. The new changes that you see applied to our new drive unit is just that. Changes to accommodate our customers concerns.

Thank You and God Bless,
Team Icegator

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